Are You ‘Bats’ for Halloween?!


It’s that ‘batty’ time of the year when bats (and batty-themed décor) are ‘hanging around’ in many shops, supermarkets and fancy dress suppliers as we approach Halloween. Bats are so much more than just a spooky little decoration though!  They are unique mammals who are essential for our environment but their numbers are on the decline so they really do need all the support they can get. With this in mind, the Bat Conservation Trust has created a brand new Halloween Fundraising Pack!

However, Halloween can often perpetuate some of the misconceptions about bats but it is also an opportunity to celebrate how wonderful bats are and make more people aware of this. Although real bats across the UK may well be hibernating during Halloween (depending on how cold it is), they are included, along with owls, crows and spiders, as being the traditional ‘spooky’ creatures to be seen during Halloweeen. Bats are really misunderstood and undervalued and are much more than a scarey Halloween decoration.  With this in mind, the Bat Conservation Trust are asking everyone to make this a very positive Halloween for bats.  You can do this by raising awareness of bats and also funds to help with their conservation.

The Bat Conservation Trust have created a brand new Halloween Fundraising Pack.

If you are planning a Halloween party, you could also use the opportunity to celebrate bats.  The pack includes ideas and tips for events you could organize for your family, friends or a community with lots of ideas for your event that will keep your guests entertained; from funky cocktails to batty games for both grown-ups and children.

Halloween Fundraising Pack 2017:

More ideas for your Halloween event:

The Bat Conservation Trust would also love to see your photos so if you want to share them on social media or email them please do so –at


If you can donate for bats this Halloween then do visit the Bat Conservation Trust Justgiving page HERE and please do share it widely. They are hoping to raise £1,500 this Halloween so all donations, large or small, will help them to get a little bit closer to that target. Donate to their Halloween Justgiving campaign here:

You can also send a Batty Halloween E-Card which are available on the Bat Conservation Trust website too.

Help and advice
The Bat Conservation Trust can answer any questions you may have about fundraising for bats and to help you if you need some inspiration or want to run an idea by them. You can email them on or call us on 020 7820 7181

So please help support bats this Halloween!

halloween-1001676_960_720 (1)

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Alexandra Park WEBS Count for September/October 2017

The following links give information of the WEBS count for Alexandra Park compiled by Tony O’Mahony, local ornithologist and member of the Alexandra Park Wildlife Forum.

The lists record the types and numbers of species of birds identified during the months of September and October.  Previous months recordings can be viewed on this website.

There will be a full report of the year’s sightings at the end of this year.

If you would also like to submit your own sightings to this website, please do so.  We also welcome any photos and videos.  This includes other wildlife/nature.

WEBS Count September 2017

WEBS count October 2017

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Welcome Wildlife To Your Garden! Help to Save Our Native Species!



Across the UK, nature is struggling to survive!

This includes species such as bees, hedgehogs, and house sparrows to name but a few who are increasingly threatened with loss of habitat and other factors contributing to their decline.

However, we can all do our bit,  no matter how small, to help!

It does not matter if you have a large garden, a shared communal garden, a tiny urban balcony, or a small backyard it is surprising what you can do to help give nature a home.  This can be anything from growing flowers to feeding birds.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) have produced a helpful and informative guide called:

‘Welcome Wildlife To Your Garden’.

You can request a copy of the guide from their website:

Alternatively, download a guide here:


Let’s try to help rescue and save our dwindling wildlife before it’s too late!

English Honey Bee (Charlesjsharp, Creative Commons)
Hedgehog (Tony Wills, Creative Commons)
House sparrow  (“Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0”)




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PARK SECURITY 0161 224 4237

If you need to report any incidents or anti-social behaviour in Alexandra Park please call the Park Security on 0161 224 4237



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Celebrating the Seasons in Alexandra Park – Autumn Equinox 2017

Autumn Equinox in Alexandra Park 2017

Autumn Equinox fell on Friday 22nd September and to mark it, a group of local people and children held a small celebration in Alexandra Park in the evening just before dusk – although the actual Equinox occurred about 9:02pm.

After the celebration, and as darkness fell, an owl was heard loudly hooting very close by and torch light revealed that a tawny owl was perched high up on a branch on the tree right by where the celebration was held. It was wondered how long the owl had been observing before making his/her presence known. (A photo of the owl high up in the tree was taken in the torch-light on a mobile phone and the white shape can just be made out in the photo below). The owl then flew off and hooted in the distance, and a small branch also fell off.

The Solstices and Equinoxes are regularly celebrated in Alexandra Park as it offers an opportunity for folk to connect with nature and acknowledge the seasonal cycles with others in this lovely green space near to where they live.

The next celebration will be for the Winter Solstice and will take place in the morning time. If you would like to come along to the next one or any of the celebrations, please email and you will be placed on the mailing list.

Photo of owl taken by Annabel

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Report of Alexandra Park Bat Walk Wednesday 6th September 2017

On Wednesday evening, Alexandra Park hosted a Bat Walk provided by the Alexandra Park Wildlife Forum and the Greater Manchester Ecology Unit (GMEU).  The event was held between 7:30pm and 9:30pm and started with a Presentation given by representatives from GMEU in the Park Depot.  The Presentation provided a very interesting introduction to bats, the different species and how we can hear them using bat detectors.

As dusk approached, everyone went out into the park with bat detectors to listen and look for the bats.  We were lucky to be entertained by one bat, probably a Common Pipistrelle, who seemed to be giving a performance as it flew between a couple of trees beside the cricket field for some time delighting both children and adults.  Later on we walked around the lake where there was a lot of audio activity from the bat detectors but as the evening was growing darker it was getting more difficult to spot the bats.  Tony, a member of the Wildlife Forum, had earlier spotted a fox through his binoculars on the opposite far side of the lake which probably accounted for the swans gliding across to the other side of the lake!

In total, about 50 people attended the event, including children and one dog, with a couple of others who were already in the park taking an interest and deciding to join in!  There were more people on a Waiting List!

This was a very successful event as we got to hear a lot of bats and see some of them flying around.  It was noted that there were Common Pipistrelle, Soprano, and possibly Daubenton’s species of bats in the park during the evening and that Alexandra Park appears to host a large number of bats for any urban location.

For those who were not able to attend due to the event being fully booked, the Wildlife Forum plan to organise another Bat Walk in the future as these prove very popular.  So watch this space!


Pipistrellus_flight2 Common Pip

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Wildlife Forum Stall at Annual Celebration Day in Alexandra Park – Sunday 10th September 2017



On Sunday 10th September, the Alexandra Park Wildlife Forum hosted a stall as part of the Annual Celebration Day in Alexandra Park.

Despite overcast weather and a blustery wind at times, the day went well.

Tony, a local ornithologist and member of the Wildlife Forum, provided two Bat Walks during the day attracting about 12 people in all.

Many people came up to the stall enquiring about the Wildlife Forum and future events and activities.

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