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New Moorhen Chicks Sighted in Alexandra Park

Tony O’Mahony, a local ornithologist, has reported seeing two new moorhen chicks on the lake in Alexandra Park. If you have seen any of the new chicks, or for that matter any other wildlife in Alexandra Park, and have taken … Continue reading

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The Banded Demoiselle

Around the lake in Alexandra Park, you might see some of these rather beautiful damselflies called Banded Demoiselles, because of that black band on the wings of the males. The females have metallic green bodies and no bands on the … Continue reading

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The Herons are building

Alexandra Park is full of singing birds – Songthrushes, Robins, Wrens warming up for Spring. Winter birds from the north are still about: Redwings poking around in the grass or twittering from trees, with the occasional Fieldfare among them. Herons nest … Continue reading

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Alex park – a short natural history video

Whilst cycling through Alex park last week, I unexpectedly ended up being filmed talking about the natural history of the park. View the 5 min video here.

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Big Pond Dip results

Pond Conservation have been doing a national survey of ponds over the past 3 years. Here’s what they found out about what can we do to make garden ponds even better wildlife habitats: • Plenty of plants: the Big Pond … Continue reading

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Water survey results

You can view the OPAL water survey results for Alexandra Park pond here

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