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Indian Spot-billed Duck in Alexandra Park

Amongst the Mallard ducks on Alexandra Park lake, we have a strange visitor – an Indian Spot-billed Duck (Anas poecilorhyncha). It’s quite like a Mallard, but the beak is different and ther’s an extra flash of white feathers (tertials) at … Continue reading

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The park in the snow

In between the snowing, there are birds making themselves more visible than usual: a Mistle Thrush in a tree full of berries, one of many Redwings visiting for the winter (my favourite birds) and a Shoveler drake – one of … Continue reading

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Birds on the lake – winter

11am Today at the lake: 10 Goosander present, including 4 adult males 4 Mute swan including 1 1st winter 14 Canada goose 23 Mallard 5 Tufted duck 6 Coot 7 Moorhen 54 Blackheaded gull (plus 35 on the football field, … Continue reading

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The Banded Demoiselle

Around the lake in Alexandra Park, you might see some of these rather beautiful damselflies called Banded Demoiselles, because of that black band on the wings of the males. The females have metallic green bodies and no bands on the … Continue reading

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Sunday Butterfly (& bird) walk on Chorlton Meadows

You’re invited to a ‘Butterflies of Early Summer‘ walk this Sunday (7th May). The walk will be led by local aurelian (butterfly-watcher), copland smith.             Orange Tip male Meet: Ivy Green Car Park on Brookburn … Continue reading

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Heron chicks

The Heron “chicks” are as big as the adults now. 2 active nests on Alexandra Park’s lake-isle this year, with (I think) 2 chicks in each.

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Alex Park Goldcrests

There’s more singing going on and birds being more visible as they search for nests and mates. If you see a tiny bird (smallest in Europe) making a short flight seem like a long journey, it may be a Goldcrest. There … Continue reading

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