Submit wildlife records

Local records

Greater Manchester Local Record Centre gathers information about wildlife across Greater Manchester and provides advice and support to people interested in wildlife recording.

The more information we have about where wildlife is in Manchester the better able we are to protect and support it.

You can add your own records via their website RODIS and follow the instructions.

Information you will need:

– who saw it (your full name)

– what species is it (common name is fine, you can enter this into the field and it will bring up latin name)

– where you saw it (use the map to find the grid reference)

– when you saw it (exact date)

– other additional info such as quantity, what is was doing (singing, feeding etc), and whether it dead (e.g. road kill)

National records

There are also various national recording projects that you can also submit your sightings to:

What When

Amphibians and reptiles

Add an adder Ongoing
Amphibian and Reptile Conservation: Alien Encounters Ongoing
National Amphibian and Reptile Recording Scheme Ongoing

Butterflies and moths

Big Butterfly Count 20 July – 11 August 2013
UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme Until September
Moth Night 8 August – 10 August 2013


Kestrel survey Until August
House martin survey Until autumn
Help us help swifts Until autumn
BirdTrack Ongoing
Garden Birdwatch Ongoing

Bees, flies and ants

Flying Ant Survey Until August
BeeWatch Until autumn
Bee Walk bumblebee monitoring Until autumn
Hornet hoverfly survey Until autumn

Bugs and beetles

Oil Beetle hunt Until June
Bugs Count Until November
Great Stag Hunt Until August
UK Ladybird Survey Ongoing
New Forest Cicada Project Until August


Hedgehog Hibernation Survey Until 31 August 2013
Dormouse Monitoring Until July
Mammals on roads 1 July – 30 September 2013
Mini Mammal Monitoring September – December 2013
The Mammal Society: Owl Pellet Survey Ongoing
Project Splatter roadkill survey Ongoing
Scottish Wildlife Trust: Squirrel sightings Ongoing
The National Mammal Atlas Project Ongoing
Footprint Tunnel Survey Ongoing
Bat Conservation: Sunset and Sunrise Surveys Until August


Ash dieback sightings: Ash Tag Ongoing
Wildflowers Count Until 30 September
Conker Tree Science: Alien Moth Survey Starts 15 June 2013
Tree disease sightings: Tree Alert Ongoing
Tree Health Survey Until October

Biodiversity and phenology

National BioBlitz Until September
Garden BioBlitz 1 – 2 June 2013
Big Pond Dip 14 May – 1 September 2013
Hedge Biodiversity Survey Until November
Water Survey Until November
Beachwatch Survey 20 – 23 September 2013
Nature’s calendar tracking the seasons Ongoing



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