About WR4wildlife

We are a group of Whalley Range (Manchester) residents interested in nature and wildlife.

Started in January 2011, the WR4wildlife project aims to stimulate interest and increase knowledge and appreciation of the wildlife living amongst us in Whalley Range, and encourage people to do more to support nature. By deepening our connection with nature we also enhance our sense of wellbeing.

Activities include nature surveys, wildlife photography, bird song recording, bat walks, and gardening for wildlife.

Anyone living in the area can join our group. All ideas for activities are welcome!

Join our mailing list for regular updates and information. Email: whalleyrange4wildlife@yahoo.com

Please note that this is our new email contact address.

For other sustainability related information follow @cultureprobe on twitter



7 Responses to About WR4wildlife

  1. susan flindt says:

    do you know anything about the council’s protocols for weedkiller on pavements and alleys?

  2. cultureprobe says:

    I’m not sure, I spoke to someone who was spraying the grassy verges in Alex park and he assured me it didn’t harm insects and animals etc. I guess we could find out from Environment on Call tel. 0161 954 9000

  3. Carole Plane says:

    Hi we took 8 DVDs of blue tits building nest and having family in a box in the garden. We watched them every day for weeks and were intrigued with the events. There were 11 eggs but only 5 survived. Could you use these DVDs. Tel No 860-7831

  4. Janice Wood says:

    Dear Whalley Range for Wildlife, I am writing on behalf of Our Lady’s Primary School, Whalley Road. We were wondering if one of your members might come and speak to the current Year Six students? They are just completing their SATS tests now and thus from June 10th will have completed the National Curriculum for Primary Schools; they will be able to study what they want!! So many of us know hardly anything about our wildlife that we thought we would like to discover more and found out about you. Can you help?

    Yours faithfully,

    Janice Wood

    • cultureprobe says:

      Hi Janice, sure we’d be glad to help. I’ll send you an email to the address you gave when you posted the comment. Would be good to meet up and have a chat about it. Thanks for getting in touch

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  6. Hi do you know if anything is happening locally for National Tree Week next week?

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