The Sunset/Sunrise Survey Summer 2017

The Sunset/Sunrise Survey – Monitoring Bats and other Wildlife
Chris Packham has recently promoted this survey on Springwatch! This survey can be conducted until September and is ideal for complete beginners as well as the more experienced volunteers who also enjoy this survey because it is a great way for locating roosts in your area.

You do not need any specialist equipment or previous experience.  You just need to go out at dusk and/or dawn and look for bats! Going out at dawn increases the chance of locating a roost through spotting bat swarming behaviour.

This is a perfect opportunity to get together with family/friends and discover bats and other wildlife in your local area. Simply head out at dusk or before dawn, or both! Spend an hour in your garden or walking around your local area and look out for bats.

  • You can carry out your survey anytime from now until September.
  • You will need: Survey form, pencil/pen, torch, watch.
  • If you are doing your survey in the evening start at sunset. If you are doing your survey at dawn start one hour before sunrise.
  • Spend an hour looking for bats and any other nocturnal animals you can see or hear.

A downloadable form and instructions and link to the online recording form can be found on the Bat Conservation Trust  Sunset/Sunrise Survey page which also includes videos of different sights you might see when carrying out this survey.


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