This weekend until Monday (28-30 January) is the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Big Garden Birdwatch!

This is the world’s largest wildlife survey!

If you would like to take part, all you need to do is to watch the birds in your garden or local park for one hour and count the different types of birds that land but not those that may be flying over.

As the same birds may land more than once, the RSPB advises that to avoid counting them twice to just submit the highest number of each bird species at any one time in the hour but not the total number you count over the hour.

As well as birds, you may like to count any other wildlife you see in that hour.

For more details and how to take part please visit: where you will also find Bird and Wildlife Identification information so that you can record the number of species that you saw.

You can then submit your results online to by 17 February 2017.

Whalley Range for Wildlife would also love to know what your results were and how many birds or other wildlife you spotted whether in your own garden or in Alexandra Park!  Please submit any details and also any photos/videos you may have taken to this website or email them to:

Julie Boyd

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