WILD ABOUT GARDENS WEEK! 24-30 October 2016

Wild About Gardens Week runs from 24-30 October 2016.

“Wild About Gardens Week 2016 is a joint initiative by the Royal Horticultural Society, The Wildlife Trusts and Bat Conservation Trust to encourage people to support wildlife in their gardens, with a focus on our UK bats.

In 2013, research has  found that 60 percent of UK animal and plant species have declined in the past 50 years.

Many of our common garden species – bats, hedgehogs, house sparrows, and common frogs, for example – are becoming much less common.

There are an estimated 15 million gardens in the UK. Together they cover a greater area than all the National nature reserves!

That means that by making our own gardens and local green spaces more wildlife-friendly, we can help support a wide range of species.”

‘STARS OF THE NIGHT’ is all about people working together to create a ‘batty’ neighbourhood to help look after bats all through the seasons.

For example, how about creating insect-friendly areas in your garden to help bats?

You can watch this Bat Tips video to learn more about making your garden more bat-friendly!

Go to Wild About Garden Week  for all this information and much more. You can also take and submit by 6th November a photo you have taken of your own plant display. You could also win a bat detector, bat box or a visit from a bat enthusiast!

For information on wildlife gardening, visit the Wild About Gardens website

Find out more about how you can support wildlife in your garden.


Also, let us know what you are doing during Wild About Gardens Week and if you have any photos, please send them to us and we will post them on wr4wildlife!



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