Bats Sunset-Sunrise Survey Summer 2016

The Bat Conservation Trust are currently running a survey (Sunset-Sunrise Survey) to monitor bats over this summer. The survey is ideal for anyone who does not have any previous bat surveying experience and for those who do! It is a perfect opportunity to get together with your family/friends to discover bats and any other nocturnal wildlife in the local area. You need to go out either at dusk or just before dawn – or maybe at both times during the summer and you still have time to do this over August. Just spend an hour in your own garden, the local park or walking around your local area and look out for any bats which you may see flying.

  • Brown Long-Eared bats fly close to trees with a slow, hovering flight.  They have long distinctive ears which can sometimes be seen in flight.
  • The Noctule is one of our biggest bats and fly very high above tree tops in straight lines and with steep dives.
  • Daubenton’s bats fly very low over water, skimming the surface to catch insects with their feet and they have white bellies.
  • The Pipistrelle species (Common, Soprano and Nathusius’) have an erratic flight with lots of twists and turns and downward swoops.

For full instructions (including videos) of the survey and to enter your results online or to download a survey form, please click here.


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