Tune in to nature at summer solstice in Alex park 20 + 21st June

We have a full 24 hours of all things nature for you to enjoy and take part in on midsummer weekend, as we celebrate the life-giving energy of sun and the wonderful wildlife with whom we share this part of the planet.

Bat walk – see and hear the tiny pipistrelle bats that hunt in the park at dusk. Meet 9pm outside Pavilion. FREE

Moth and small mammal surveys – discover the kinds of moths and small animals that live in the park when we check our survey traps. Meet 7am at NW entrance corner of Alexandra Rd South/Claremont Rd. FREE

Discover Dowsing workshop – learn about dowsing and how to use rods, lets see if we can find the ancient underground spring in the park! Hopefully it won’t be under the new cricket pitch. With Mark Foster, Head of Spiritual and Personal Development at Gorton Monastery. Places limited – advance booking essential. COST £10. 10am-1pm. Email to book your place.

Tai chi & chi kung session – the return of Hewan Clark’s weekly outdoor classes. 11-1pm. Meet at top left corner of football field. FREE

Pond-dipping – kids love peering at little water critters but this is for adults too! We’ll test water quality whilst we’re at it. Citizen science at its best. Meet 2pm outside Pavilion. FREE


Bugs Count – kids also love peering at little earth critters! Meet 3pm outside Pavilion. FREE

Nature walks – come for a leisurely stroll round the park with expert naturalists and discover the many different plants and animals that make the park their home or feeding ground. Includes legendary tree walk by Joe Walsh! Meet 2pm, 3pm, 4pm outside Pavilion. FREE

Summer solstice celebration – join in a simple celebration of the cycles of nature and the life-giving energy of the sun on the longest day of the year. Meet 9.30pm at the Lodge, at one end of the Terrace that aligns with summer solstice sunset/winter solstice sunrise. FREE


The nature events are organised by the Alexandra Park Wildlife Forum in partnership with Greater Manchester Local Record Centre and Ecology Unit, with support from RSPB.

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