Alex Park wildlife forum – invitation to join

Now that the renovation works are more or less complete, the focus of attention is back on ongoing management. To support this, there are various forums that have been set up to represent different interest groups: wildlife, heritage, arts & events and sports, in addition to the existing Friends group.

Wildlife Forum responsibilities:

  • Committed to protecting, enhancing and advocating for the interests of the nonhuman users of the park – the plants and animals that live, forage and shelter there, throughout the year and seasonally
  • Taking the needs of both individual species and biotic communities as whole into account
  • Representing the interests and needs of the fishing group

Forum activities:

Knowledge gathering
– conduct and facilitate wildlife recording
– identify strengths and vulnerabilities re species level and health of habitats

Conservation & enhancement
– ensure Biodiversity Masterplan is being properly implemented
– design and manage additional interventions to support wildlife and enhance biodiversity

Public education & participation
– produce varied public programme of events throughout the year
– design permanent and/or semi-permanent nature trails, including interpretation
– facilitate opportunities for public participation in programming, knowledge gathering and conservation works

Join the wildlife forum

We are looking for locally-based people with nature-related knowledge and expertise to join the forum. This involves attending meetings to contribute to decision-making, and helping run activities listed above.

Our next meeting is Wed 14th Jan 6-8pm in the park, to draw up an 18-month action plan. The following week the park Governance Board will agree plans and budgets, so its an important meeting to be part of!

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch. Let me know what you would want to offer in terms of knowledge and expertise.

pond dipping

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5 Responses to Alex Park wildlife forum – invitation to join

  1. Luciana Lang says:

    Hi Nadine! Yes, I do want to get involved in the forum. What I can offer: hands for any type of gardening labour, and brains to devise potential environmental education activities and/or projects. Best wishes, Luciana

    Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2014 10:52:33 +0000 To:

  2. hayleyspann says:

    Hello. I’m also interested in participating. I can help with gardening labour as well and I’d be interested in helping to develop public education events.

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