Hedgehog tracking success

A group of us set up 8 hedgehog tracking tunnels in Alex park yesterday evening, using the tunnels made in 2011.

preparing the tunnels

preparing the tunnels

I checked them today and 4 of the tunnels had hedgehog tracks, so they are still in the park despite the disruption to their habitat caused by the development works earlier this year.

hedgehog tracks

hedgehog tracks

However the bait was gone from all 8 tunnels, so it seems Fox and Squirrel had a feast last night as well!

Other tracks: probably fox, squirrel and wood mouse

Other tracks: probably fox, squirrel and wood mouse

We will move the tunnels around the park this week to see which habitats they are active in. These tracks were in the NW section of the park in woodland along the Lime Avenue, parallel to Alexandra Rd South.

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5 Responses to Hedgehog tracking success

  1. Chrissy says:

    I’m so glad they are still in the park! What time about do you put the tunnels out hon? Those tiny tracks are so cute!

    • cultureprobe says:

      We leave the tunnels out the whole time and hope no-one messes with them. SO far so good.. I’ve been chatting to people who were hanging about in the area of the tunnels, just so they know what they are etc and they have all been really interested. It was good to be able to show them the actual tracks today too!

  2. Chrissy says:

    I’ll gladly help you out with them when I’m in the neighborhood.

  3. Sundeep says:

    Fantastic work. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Are we submitting thee results to the Hedgehog Tunnel Survey that the Mammal Society does? http://www.mammal.org.uk/node/66

    Looking forward to seeing more updates.

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