Alexandra Park and tree felling

The council held an open day on Sat 1st Dec to inform people about their plans for the park and the imminent felling of 260 trees. The work will start by 10th Dec.

 A group of concerned residents are objecting to the plans and have set up a Save Alexandra Park trees website where you can find out more details, including how to get involved.

All further communication about the park and action around tree felling will be through this site.

There is a meeting today Monday 3rd Dec by the lake at 2.45pm, with the leader of the Green Party in Manchester.

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2 Responses to Alexandra Park and tree felling

  1. Steve says:

    I believe green spaces are important, and in a Urban area Green corridors are even more important. especially for wildlife who have no say in what happens to their habitat, its up to us to help protect them
    As a former resident of Manchester I know only too well the need for somewhere peaceful to go to.

    Old trees are necessary for rare and endangered wildlife and some wild life which live on old trees are protected under European Legislation such as
    The wildlife and Habitat Directive

    Think carefully before you take this action, have you done a full species audit and got the correct permission for any section 42 species you may be disrupting?
    Once its gone you cant get it back
    My partner and I support saving the petition to save the trees

  2. Yasmin Quayyum says:

    Hi, I’ve read all of the below (along with the other related e-mails in my inbox) with keen interest and have still decided to go ahead and sign the petition;
    In response to some of the points below: I am not from America; nor am I new to the area. What I am, is concerned that any biodiversity initiatives do not come at the expense of precious already existing trees. (No matter how much money’s on offer… – In my view, these days, sizeable sums of money on offer quite often dictate all sorts of agendas…)
    As has been aptly pointed out below, these trees have already well-proven their merits by the very fact that they have withstood all that has been described below. Surely, if anything, this should teach us something of their worth?
    That is not to say that I’m not appreciative of the need for bio-diversity – As a long-term active member of Birchfields Park Forest Garden, I am greatly aware of its need (although it should be noted that I can’t speak on behalf of the rest of our Forest Garden, nor the rest of the Friends of Birchfields Park) – But to my mind, the trees’ long-term existence in itself proves them a vital component of the local existing wildlife’s make-up. On top of their aesthetic qualities and historical merits, they additionally carry their own practical benefits, create their own wildlife habitat, and I wonder how fruit trees and berry bushes would measure up to their huge oxygen-generating capacities in this polluted city? – Like I said, these are just my personal opinions but I’m going to sign the petition now.
    Best regards, Yasmin Quayyum.

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