BTO Garden Birdwatch results – good news for goldfinches

Annual Results for the BTO’s Garden BirdWatch survey have just been published, revealing another intriguing year of garden bird activity.

The stars of the show were Goldfinches, with record numbers recorded and no sign of their success levelling-off. They’ve moved up from 20th to 10th most commonly reported species since 1995. You can see from the BTO data table that the North West of England is a particular hotspot for goldfinches.

Goldfinch photo: Ray Kennedy RSPB

Woodpigeons are also thriving, but many others species are in decline.

Relative to other regions, the NW is also doing well in attracting bullfinch, blue tit, great tit, coal tit, feral pigeon, magpie, mistle thrush, nuthatch and reed bunting.

Black caps are increasingly over-wintering in England too as generations of birds from central Europe fly west rather than south, a trend that started in the 1960s

I’ve been seeing goldfinches and black caps quite regularly in my garden recently 🙂

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