Big Pond Dip results

Pond Conservation have been doing a national survey of ponds over the past 3 years.

Here’s what they found out about what can we do to make garden ponds even better wildlife habitats:

• Plenty of plants: the Big Pond Dip showed that ponds with all three plant groups had a larger number of animal groups.

• Ponds that are good for invertebrates are more likely to be good for amphibians.

• Provide clean water – if your water is clear, on average you will have more diverse wildlife communities.

• Fish can co-exist with wildlife, but if you want to encourage water beetles and newts, particularly the less common Palmate and Great Crested Newts, then you will need to create an additional fish-free pond.

• Results suggest it’s harder to keep small and medium-sized ponds in really good condition than big ponds

To download the full report from Pond Conservation click here


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