FREEDOM FOR ANIMALS ONLINE QUIZ – Friday 27th November 7:30pm

Take part in this fun quiz and help animals in need!

After the success of their last lockdown quiz, Freedom for Animals are very excited to be running their lockdown #2 quiz!

The quiz will take place on Zoom so you need to have an account with them – you can easily do this on their website and then login on your computer or an app on your phone.

Freedom For Animals will email the login details on the day of the quiz to everyone who has signed up.

You sign up by making a £3 (or more!) donation per person on the Freedom for Animals website. Make sure to enter your email address when doing so and pick “I am joining the quiz” as your “reason for donating”. You will need to scroll down on the Donations page to locate the options.

The quiz is just £3 per person to enter and you can have a team size as big as you like. They recommend having a separate place to chat with your team, like messenger or WhatsApp.

And of course there will be an animal round!

Image may contain: text that says 'JOIN THE FREEDOM FOR ANIMALS QUIZ Just £3 entry! Help raise money for all my fellow animals! FRIDAY 27TH NOVEMBER 7.30PM Freedom for Animals'
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Rhino Film Club – Free Online Film Tonight- 24th November 7pm.

Baxu and the Giants is a story of rhino poaching triggering social change in rural Namibia, seen through the eyes of a 9-year-old girl.

9 year old Baxu lives a simple but happy life in rural Namibia. When strange men show up and cause a change in the village and eventually her own family, Baxu investigates and is forced to confront a difficult truth. Her brother started poaching, to improve the family’s living conditions. Baxu has to decide – will she stay quiet or will she listen to the rhinos, the giants of the Savannah who she talks to in her dreams, and risk losing the people she loves?

Participants will need a Netflix subscription to participate in the viewing.

Register via link below:

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Primates Still Being Sold As Pets Despite Government Pledge For Ban.

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Christmas Shopping for Endangered Wildlife – Save the Rhino!

Are you, your family and friends wildlife lovers, especially endangered wildlife? Would like to consider something for Christmas which is a little unusual and also raises funds to help critically endangered animals like rhinos? Save the Rhino International have launched an entire Christmas collection in their shop! You can buy jewellery, car stickers and key rings and more.

Check their shop online to see the latest items by clicking onto the link below:

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The Natterer’s bats at Saxlingham

Join online for part two of the Bats in Churches Norfolk virtual bat night series!

Enjoy a second batty hour with expert bat ecologist Phil Parker and heritage advisor Rachel Arnold. If you were not able to join the first event, then here is your chance to see some bats at another stunning church in Norfolk.

Hear all about the huge roost of Natterer’s bats at Saxlingham church, how they live, why they love churches and how the Bats in Churches project is working hard to ensure bats, buildings and humans occupants can continue to thrive and live together successfully in these beautiful surroundings.

Date: Wednesday 28st October 2020, 6-7pm

Register free via clicking onto the website link below

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NATIONAL MAMMAL WEEK 2020 – Friday 23rd October to Sunday 1st November

National Mammal Week is organised by the Mammal Society as a celebration and awareness week of mammals and their conservation in Great Britain.

Click on the link below for more information.

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Join in for a Virtual Bat Night tomorrow for the first in a double bill of Norfolk Virtual Bat Nights!
Tune in at 6pm tomorrow evening for the first of two sessions exploring the bats of Norfolk churches. You will be taken on a virtual tour of the stunning historic church at Thornham and see the Pipistrelle bats that live there – all from the comfort of your own home! Heritage advisor Rachel Arnold will be giving a tour of the beautiful artefacts inside the church, with ecologist Phil Parker revealing all about the bats and church representative Megan Greef will explain how the bats have impacted the church and their hopes for the future.
The second event is on Wednesday 28th October and will feature Saxlingham church and the important roost of Natterer’s bats that live there. Click here to find out more and register.

There is still plenty of time to register for tomorrow’s Pipistrelle Party and Wednesday’s Natterer’s night, they’re not to be missed! Sign up here.  


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Free Online Event to Celebrate International Orangutan Day this Wednesday 19th August – 4pm (BST).

See behind the scenes of the famous Forest School and experience a day in the life of orangutans, listen to exclusive talks with the orangutan carers and vet team, learn more about the award-winning Orangutan Jungle School series and a unique chance to enjoy a couple of full-length episodes of Orangutan Jungle School series.

For more information and to register – please click onto the link below:

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Take a Walking Challenge and Win a Prize

Save The Rhino International Organisation would like you to take part in the Walk Of The Ranger challenge this summer.

Two rangers walk through dense bush.
Rangers walking in tall grass, photo credit: Tristan Vince

Rangers daily patrol vast remote areas up to 20km to protect wildlife such as the rhino which is critically endangered from poachers.

You can also show your support for them by participating in this walking challenge up until 31st August.

For more information and how to enter please click onto the link below:

Walk of the Ranger medal design
Walk of the Ranger medal design

3-31 Aug, 2020

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CITY OF TREES has launched a new online hub of nature-inspired resources for families ahead of the school holidays.

There are over 35 online resources ranging from activities for older children such as building a bat box to bee origami.

They are also running a competition to win one of three copies of Diary of a Young Naturalist.

The resources are all available to download free at:

Photo by Pixabay on
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This World Ranger Day 2020 is hosted online. Join online to celebrate the incredible work of rangers on the front line to hear about their everyday work, as well as the people raising money to support their work.

This will be a full day of events planned that you can join as they go live, or watch later. Here is a schedule of what is coming up*:

• Get to know Edward Ndiritu. Edward is the Head of anti poaching at Lewa Conservancy in Kenya. Learn about his life and work protecting Kenya’s rhinos.

• Cycle for Rangers. In 2017, Theo and Charlie cycled Cape town to Nairobi, more than 5,000 miles, raising more than £40,000 for For Rangers. On World Ranger Day, they will be sharing all about their journey; how it began, what happened throughout, and what is next.

• A conversation with Sam Taylor. Sam co-founded For Rangers, a group that’s raised more than $2,000,000 to improve rangers’ lives. Learn about his life in conservation, his adventures – like climbing mount Everest – and why he wanted to set up For Rangers with co-founder Pete Newland

• A day in the life of the dog squad. Benny, Gift and Joyce from North Luangwa Conservation Project’s anti-poaching canine team to learn about the vital roles dog play in supporting rangers.

*Subject to change.

Watch World Ranger Day to celebrate the incredible rangers, and remember those that have lost their lives in the line of duty. On World Ranger Day, all donations through their events and on their website will be going to support For Rangers.

To register please go to website below.

Photo by Tessa K on
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Deep within rich Indonesian rainforests live two incredibly rare rhino species.

Javan and Sumatran rhinos are both Critically Endangered, with estimates of not even 80 animals remaining for each species.

To learn more about these two special rhinos and their habitats, Save The Rhino International are hosting a live Q&A with two rhino experts, ready to share their knowledge and passion for Indonesia’s rhinos.

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on

Please click onto the link below to register and receive your free invite.

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Native Traditions, Climate Change and Worlds Being Lost.

This week I attended an online workshop hosted by the Native Counselling Services (NCSA) of Alberta (Canada) Bearpaw Legal Education on Indigenous Hunting, Fishing & Trapping.

This may seem like a strange interest for someone whose own personal lifestyle choice is vegan.

My interest is in indigenous relationship to land and environment and how this relationship has enabled many indigenous communities to manage the land and environment sustainably and responsibly over centuries. This is in comparison to how the relationship to land and environment expressed by the dominant culture in our world is actually causing severe ecological damage within a very short time.

However, issues such as Climate Change, (and Ecocide), is undoubtedly witnessed more by indigenous communities and they are impacted first in the changing landscape of their environment which they have lived on and managed for thousands of years. The rapid decline of the planet’s health and the degradation of natural lands and resources is undoubtedly being witnessed first by the indigenous peoples in many areas of the Earth who have historically and traditionally relied on the environment for their survival with the skills and knowledge passed from their ancestors.

One particular indigenous community which bears witness to the changes are the Inuit who no longer recognise the landscapes their ancestors knew –  as land mass of ice and snow is now melting into water impacting upon their hunting and fishing traditions.

An article in the United Nations Chronicle as far back as 2007, reported on the changing environment. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) characterizes the circumpolar Arctic as the world’s climate change “barometer”.
The 160,000 Inuit who live in northern Canada, Greenland, Alaska and Chukotka in Russia have witnessed the changing of the natural environment.

Changes to landscape and climate are also being reported by Inuit in Greenland and Alaska, Saami in northern Norway, Aleut in the Aleutian Islands, Athabaskans and Gwich’in in North America, Nenets, Chukchi and many other indigenous peoples in northern Russia. These indigenous worlds and lives are changing.

The traditional knowledge of how the world works, how to respond to the environment and to live sustainably has been passed down through the generations. However, there is less certainty now and that knowledge is becoming less accurate than it was as the land changes. The Inuit are less able to rely upon innovative survival skills adapted to the unique climate and weather of the Arctic.

Like many parts of the world now, the circumpolar Arctic is not isolated anymore; globalization has reached it as greed for its oil, gas and minerals is reflected in the expansion and acceleration of exploration companies and practices which also impact upon the environment.  Industrial and ecocidal practices are spreading across the entire globe impacting upon the land, communities, nature and wildlife.

ice formation on body of water under blue sky
Photo by Erik Mclean on

Below is a link to quotes from indigenous elders regarding the environmental changes that they have witnessed.

Voices From the Land

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african buffalo animal animal photography buffalo

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on

While staying at home, another wildlife film to watch from Save the Rhino International Organisation will be hosted this Thursday 16th July at 7pm online

Free with RSVP
Film Club: Sides of a Horn

Join Save the Rhino’s film club for a special screening of ‘Sides of a Horn’ followed by a Q&A with film maker Toby Wosskow.

Sides of a Horn is the first film to tell the story of Africa’s poaching war from both sides of the fence. Based on actual events and filmed in one of the communities most directly impacted by wildlife crime, we follow the journey of two brothers-in-law fighting on opposite sides of Africa’s poaching war. This dramatic short film paints an unbiased portrait of a modern war that is tearing communities apart and driving a prehistoric species to the verge of extinction.

To register please click onto the link below.

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July 14, 1960, is the day Dr. Jane Goodall first stepped foot in what is now Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania, to study wild chimpanzees. Dr. Goodall called attention to the remarkable chimpanzee and to this day, six decades later, advocates on their behalf.

photography of monkey

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on


For further information please click onto link below:

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Due to the Coronavirus, there will be no Bat Talks or Bat Walks held in Alexandra Park this year unfortunately.

We know how very popular these events are and the decision has been made to cancel the two planned events that were going to be scheduled for late this summer.

This is due to the fact that it would not have been possible to accommodate the number of people to attend the indoor Bat Talk/Presentation due to the social distancing measures. We are also aware that social distancing may have been a problem during the Bat Walk due to the large number of people who like to join and the sharing of bat detectors.

However, Government guidance will be followed and if there are any changes which would allow the Bat Talks/Walks to resume this year, this will be considered.

Otherwise, hopefully this popular family event will return in 2021! Watch this space!

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The Natural History Museum has an interesting page on Biodiversity.

The link to their website is below and has a wealth of interesting information and activities for all the family to learn about our planet’s wonderful biodiversity.

animal animal photography blur close up

Photo by Pixabay on

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orangutan clinging on tree

Photo by Ludwig Kwan on

A virtual charity quiz night for the whole family hosted by the wonderful Robin Ince!

This event is organised by the Sumatran Orangutan Society to support their amazing work to protect orangutans, their forests and their future.

The quiz will take place at 8pm (BST) on Tuesday 30th June via YouTube live. You can find the Facebook event page for the quiz here – feel free to invite your friends!

The Sumatran Orangutan Society pledge to plant a tree in Sumatra for every person who donates £5 or more.

For more details and to register, please go to the link below:

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Date: Thursday 25 June 2020

Time: 1900 BST (GMT+1)

Set in the iMfolozi wilderness, South Africa, in the oldest game park in Africa, Sisters of the Wilderness tells the story of five young Zulu women going into the wilderness for the first time in their lives on a journey of healing and self-discovery which serves as a reminder that we are intimately linked to nature. The film also explores the plight of this primordial wilderness, which is severely threatened by open-cast coal mining on its border, and a rhino poaching calamity.

The film, a multi-award winning social impact feature-length documentary, is the foundation for an outreach and audience engagement programme which aims to re-connect audiences with wild nature, raise awareness to the value of nature to our well-being and help the efforts to save the iMfolozi wilderness, from the threat of unsustainable mining and illegal hunting of its rhinos.


Film Club: Sisters of the Wilderness

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Celebrate WORLD RAINFOREST DAY Today – 22nd June 2020

Please go to the link below for more information on this very important day!

World Rainforest Day

photo of fern plants

Photo by Elias Tigiser on



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stonehenge england

Photo by John Nail on

Some time ago, a small group of local folk used to join together to celebrate the Summer Solstice in the lovely Alexandra Park.  This has not happened for a while and now with the coronavirus crisis, there will not be any gatherings at all anywhere.

However, English Heritage will be live-streaming the Summer Solstice from Stonehenge and you can find more details via the link below.

Happy Summer Solstice 2020!

Let us celebrate the sun, nature and all the wild things wherever we are in our own peaceful way.

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Thorny Issues Live Free Online Conference – Save the Rhino – Tuesday 9th June



This free online conference from Save the Rhino organisation will be happening tomorrow 9th June.

Thorny Issues Live will bring you into the heart of hot topics in rhino conservation. In this first live event, this conference will be diving into an issue that affects us all: the Covid-19 outbreak. As tourism shuts down and people’s behaviour shifts dramatically the world over, we need to understand what the true impact of this pandemic is on the trade in illegal wildlife. Hear from expert speakers across the world to find out.

Topic of discussion:

Stopping illegal wildlife markets in a post-Covid-19 world.

For more information, details of speakers and to register your free place please go to link below:

Thorny Issues Live

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World Environment Day Today 5th June 2020 – Live Conference

Join a global gathering of young voices, sharing and learning ways, to explore biodiversity.

This is an unique opportunity for students (aged 16+), teachers and parents to learn more about the topic of biodiversity that can be used as professional development opportunities, student research, and as a stimuli to learn more from young people from across the globe.  You can also  to be sent details on how to participate live on the day.  Come and celebrate World Environment Day with us!

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An introduction to Animal Law: Bitesize Animal Law Series – Free Weekly Online Sessions for All

Are you interested in animals and the law?  Would you like to learn more?

The UK Centre for Animal Law is running a series of free online Bitesize Animal Law Series.  This basic Animal Law series will introduce you to different areas of Animal Law.  The series will be running on a Wednesday evening each week at 7pm – 8pm until the end of June.  The sessions have a section for Questions and Answers which will form the conclusion of the Talk. The sessions will be hosted online, via zoom.

The sessions are open to all, you do not have to be a law student, and you can choose which session you want to register for each week.

Their fourth session is on May 27th at 7pm and Dr. Gareth Spark will be providing another lecture . Dr. Spark will be discussing killing animals without proof of unnecessary suffering – a legal perspective. Dr. Spark is an Associate Professor in Law at UEA Law School, University of East Anglia. He completed a LL.B (Hons) and LL.M by Research from the University of East Anglia. He holds a Ph.D from University of Cambridge.

Please note, you will need to sign up each week for each individual session, as they will all have a different link. The UK Centre for Animal Law will post to their social media platforms a weekly Eventbrite to sign up for the next session. When you register your webinar link will appear in your confirmation email and you will also be sent the link the morning of the event. Please be sure to check junk mail, the email will come from Eventbrite. Please try the platform prior to the event to ensure it works smoothly.

close up photo of cat s eye

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on



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Today is International Day for Biodiversity 2020, and the text below is taken from the Gaia Foundation who bring stories of care, resilience and revival from Mother Earth’s best custodians- Indigenous peoples and local communities.

“This year’s International Day for Biodiversity will focus on the assertion that ‘Our Solutions are in Nature’. No one embodies this fact more than Indigenous peoples and local communities, who, through their deep connections with their territories, their world-views and ways of life, show us how to nurture life on Earth.

This is why, while many look to governments, economists and international institutions for leadership at this time of multiple crises, we are looking to the grassroots for guidance and inspiration to make the systemic changes required of us now. 

To transform our societies, our ways of living and working, to be in greater harmony with Nature, we need to listen to and learn from those who have maintained this harmony, often despite centuries of prejudice and repression.

“There is no God bigger than the sun, the moon, the air and the water… No matter how tall our buildings get and how high in the sky we fly, if we don’t respect Nature then it won’t respect us either.”- Sipa Melo, Idu Mishmi Shaman

Today, as we celebrate our planet’s wondrous, endangered diversity, the Gaia Foundation invite you to join us in this listening and learning through the stories they share.”

animal beautiful biology bloom

Photo by Cindy Gustafson on

If you feel inspired, please consider:

  • Sharing these stories with your networksand on Twitter and Facebook using #NurtureLife and #InternationalBiodiversityDay
  • Supporting our workalongside Earth’s best custodians with a donation.
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Happy May Day!


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EARTH DAY MEGA-CONFERENCE 2020 TOMORROW – 22nd April – Free Online Educational Talk for Children about Endangered Orangutans


Do you have children who are stuck at home, or are you a kid at heart? If so, join us LIVE FROM LONDON with Ben Callison (Managing Director of Borneo Orangutan Survival UK BOS-UK) this Earth day – 22nd April at 12:45pm (BST).

Ben will be giving an online educational talk tomorrow for children (9+ in age), so please join us from the comfort of your home and learn how we are working to save the critically endangered Bornean orangutan.
How to Register:
Register today by clicking here

BOS UK’s vision is to restore the natural balance for Bornean orangutans. Their survival is at risk solely due to human impact, pushing them to the brink of extinction.
Thus their mission is two-fold. First, they save orangutans in immediate danger through rescue, rehabilitation, and re-introduction to protected rainforests. Second, and equally important, they protect and restore their wild habitat by working alongside the native communities bordering them.
UK Charity number: 1144267

BOS UK look forward to seeing you, and  hope you and your loved ones are staying safe through this awful pandemic.


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March 21st Bird Walk Hough End Clough

To celebrate the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, the Friends of Hough End have arranged a bird walk for Saturday March 21st.

So to find out more about the wildlife of Hough End Clough, meet outside the Hough End Leisure Centre off Princess Road at 10am. The walk around the Upper and Lower Clough will last about an hour.

Wear boots or strong shoes and clothing suitable for the weather. Bring binoculars if possible.birds

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Sunday Tree Planting

Sunday 8th March was a lovely day for the tree planting – see pics below.  The weather was mainly dry and sunny with just partial rain.

Thank you to all the volunteers who came along to help plant the trees and to also clear up the lakeside afterwards!


Photos  by Julie B

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Today is World Wildlife Day – please go to link below for more information!

Let us celebrate the wildlife both locally, nationally and internationally!

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The Tree Planting Session in Alexandra Park tomorrow has had to cancelled/postponed unfortunately due to the expected storm!

It is forecast to rain all day with strong winds and the ground may well be quite a quagmire not to mention too dangerous to plant any of the trees.
If the weather calms down the Tree Planting Session may well be scheduled for next Saturday 22nd and an update will follow.


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Alexandra Park Winter Views 2019/2020


All images by Julie B.

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Christmas Crackers Event and Winter Bird Walk at Alexandra Park – Saturday 14th December

73370572_3225537824183615_2675929002396352512_nFREE WINTER BIRD WALK-page0001

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Please Check for Hedgehogs!



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Range Road Community Park

The following information has recently come to the attention of wr4wildlife.

The person who recently bought the former site of 10 Range Road has torn down the fencing on the west side of Range Road Community Park and is clearly intending to claim and fence off part of the Community Garden. We need to try to stop this from happening. We need to show that there is real anger and concern within the local community. It would also be appreciated if any council officers get on board with help and ideas.

The Range Road Community Park is the former site of 2 to 10 (even numbers) Range Road in the Whalley Range Conservation Area. The houses on the site were demolished many years ago. The whole site became a dumping ground for all types of fly tipping and was a real eyesore. The local residents, with the help of the local councillors, persuaded the Council to take over occupation and to create the community park. The Council cleared the rubbish and landscaped the park. The wooden sculptures were installed and pathways laid. This created a haven for wildlife and much loved public space for the local community. Since its creation the park has been maintained entirely by a very small number of dedicated and unpaid local volunteers.

The ownership has always been unclear. Only two of the five former plots are registered at the Land Registry. It is believed that a local housing association may own the former site of No.2, and it was known that the former site of No.10 was registered to a dormant company. The site of No.10 came up for auction earlier this year and someone (now known to the Council) bought the site and their first action was to dump a huge static caravan on the front section of the plot to the side of the park that everyone thought belonged to the flats at No.12 and which has been used to house their bins for many years. Council officers persuaded the new owner to remove the caravan, and this latest action in tearing down the fencing is presumably the result.

Please spread the message as widely as possible to make sure that people are aware of what is happening. Even mobilise the media if you have contacts.Presentation1

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Autumn Arrival

Photos of Alexandra Park – by Julie B

As summer draws nearer to a close, we will be greeted by the Autumn Equinox on Monday 23rd September 8:53am.

Autumn marks the gradual return to winter but is a visually wonderful time with the leaves on trees turning from green to shades of pinks, reds, yellows and browns. It is a time when squirrels start harvesting and storing nuts (and usually forgetting where they stored them!).

For more information on Autumn Wildlife




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Alexandra Park Bird Walk – Sunday 15th September 11am to 12 Noon


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Another Evening Bat Talk/Walk in Alexandra Park – Friday 13th September



Square-townsend-fledermausFollowing on from the ever popular Bat Talks/Walks in Alexandra Park, there is another one this coming Friday 13th September for anybody who missed last evening’s one!

This is a free event but please register via Eventbrite link below to reserve your place.

There will be an earlier start time due to the day getting shorter. The talk will commence about 6:45pm followed by a walk starting at dusk around Alexandra Park up until 9:00pm.

Please note that if you attended last night’s event and you want to attend next Friday’s event as well, you will be put on a reserve list.  This is to allow an opportunity for anyone who was not able to attend last night to attend next Friday.

Also, please check out our Facebook Page:

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Evening Bat Talk and Bat Walk in Alexandra Park this Friday 6th September.



3369882Alexandra Park Wildlife Group in conjunction with the South Lancashire Bat Group will be holding a Bat Talk followed by a Bat Walk around the lovely Alexandra Park.

The talk will start about 7pm followed by a walk at sunset to listen, and hopefully, see some of our local bats in the park.

Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. Please bring a torch as it will get dark as we go around the park and dependent  upon the weather suitable clothing and footwear are advised.  If you have your own bat detector (optional) please bring it otherwise our guides will have some.

The event is free but due to numbers being strictly limited, please reserve  your place via Eventbrite:

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BIG FOREST FIND – Drinkwater Park, Bury – Sunday 11th August 2019

The Forestry Commission invites you to help them celebrate their centenary year by discovering and recording the many species to be found at Drinkwater Park, Bury on Sunday 11th August. They are looking for volunteer naturalists, facilitators and data enthusiasts to play a key role in their Big Forest Find project.

Information about the day can be found on the attached flier and on the Forestry England website There are several entrances into the park but the nearest to the main activities is Buckley Lane, off Clifton Road, Prestwich M45 7JZ. Free parking is available at the bottom of the lane

If travelling by public transport Prestwich Metrolink is the nearest and buses stop on Bury New Road.

If you would like to join the bird walk, led by Steve Atkins (Citizen Science Project Officer – Greater Manchester Ecology Unit), please arrive by 9am for a 9.15am prompt start. The meeting point is here


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Discover the Wild in Alexandra Park – Meet Outside Coffee Cranks Pavilion Cafe Entrance Facing the Lake


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